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Fly Fishing a relaxing, rewarding retreat Summer School by Jennifer Pagliaro Staff Reporter

After two decades, I’ve never had to work for my food. That is, of course, if you don’t count a full day of shopping after which any sane city slicker would feel they’ve earned at least a burrito. BFut peering over the edge of the algae-and-weed infested trout pond, I hear the call. Hunt. Forage. Survive. My first day fly fishing is actually my first day fishing ever.

Then came test time. We had to catch our lunch from one of the ponds. And even though it was not exactly like we were on the 10th day of a canoe trip and the food ran out after day seven, we felt a certain amount of pressure to pass. And we all did, even the guy who had quite a laugh at the start of the day when he was told he would he fishing with a "nymph". We continued to fish while Murray took the trout back to the instructor's cottage and cleaned and cooked them for us.

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Article Canadian Sportfishing Magazine

It was far different from any classroom I had ever been in, but I was going to school just the same.

In fact, about the only thing that resemble a typical classroom was that the teacher, Murray Abbott, was waving a cane around - albeit a cane fly rod. I was taking part in one of the beginner's fly fishing courses staged by Abbott at Primrose Trout Farm...

The course is designed for the person who has never held a fly rod, and is curious about what fly fishing is...

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