Well after many false starts, my daughter Genna and I finally got our day in with instructor Ken. What a totally wonderful day! I can’t say enough about Ken’s knowledge of the sport, his patience in sharing and his genuine friendliness. What a pro!! Please pass on our kudos to Ken. Thank you again, we can’t wait to hit the river.

Trevor & Amy

Thank you for a wonderful day of fishing. It was a real treat to have such qualified and knowledgeable instructors. Both Amy and I enjoyed our day and are very excited about getting out on the water this weekend to test our new skills. Just a thought for your next course, I think it would be valuable if at the start of the course you took a couple of minutes to introduce your co-instructors. I eventually learned their names but it would have made it easier if they had been introduced. Outside of that I thought the course was excellent, and we look forward to coming back for the intermediate class. Please pass along our thanks to the other instructors.

Sheve & Mary Anne

We just wanted to drop a line and once again say thank-you all for such a great day. Hope to see ya guys again.

Jill & Jeff

A few years back 4 I think my father in-law to be at the time decided he wanted to try his hand at fly fishing. he decided to take your course he asked My brother in-law Larry and myself, Jeff if we like to join him. So sure enough on Saturday morning up to the ponds we go. I had done some fishing with flies previous to this but I just could not get the knots right. I was tired from a shift that that did not end until 4am. so I was not as alert as I would have liked have been. However your lesson sticks with me, I am sure you took years of frustrations of my hands. I have a much better understanding of rods and lines from a few small demonstrations you have also saved me time on decisions. When the time came to pick our rods everyone rushed to pick one some wanted the high value some were afraid of the choice. I was last but pleased that no one took what I am guessing as the lightest you had or close to it 4 or 5wt I think. I fish the UC with 6.5' 2wt very often and bass with 7wt when I can. I would like to thank you not only for sharing you knowledge but opening the doors.

Tom & Trish

Just a quick note to thank you for a great time last Monday.I think I accomplished allot that day,due to your teaching expertise.I will work on everything you taught me,especially the Double Haul and someday be a good fly fisher and caster.Maybe we'll meet up on some river one day.Until then,thanks again for a great time.Regards,Tom Paille.


Thank you for a great day at Primrose last Wednesday. I enjoyed your non-nonsense approach to the equipment. It was a thrill catching my first fish on a fly. I can't wait for bass season so that I can put Suzie's crayfish to work.


I attended your beginner's course on last Saturday and let me tell you again. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for making these courses available and affordable because fly fisher have to get started somewhere. Please send me some information on where fly fisher goes to fish say anywhere within two hours of driving from Square one in Mississauga.


Thanks for the great day. The kids really enjoyed themselves - once they started catching fish! And they really learned a lot about casting. Gary is an excellent casting instructor, and certainly the kids learned a lot from him. He had a magic way of teaching and the kids finally got the hang of how to make their fly in work. Good meeting you and Susie! Good luck in July!


Just wanted to thank you and Sam for a great day of fishing last Saturday. That will be the first day of many for me as a fly fisherman! Will give you a call if I decide to do more lessons.


I just wanted to send this quick Thank-you for such a great day Saturday. I have been a trainer most of my working life and so it is always a pleasure to be in a class with great instructors.

The class was really well paced so I always felt I could really get into learning the task at hand before moving along too quickly. The intro classroom work and the afternoon classroom work were both very helpful and just long enough so no boredom set in! I think I might even have got the knots - the only badge I could never earn as a Girl Guide.

By the end of the day I think I might have even got "11 to 1". The best phrase of the day was "your line will only go out ahead as far as it was behind".

I also want to say a particular Thank-you as I was the only woman in the class and felt not only very comfortable but not in any way singled out. Good going guys. I hope to see you in the Casting Workshop. I will be off to fish and practice this weekend - after a trip to buy some flies of course.

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